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"Donut Shop Hero"
Written and Directed by Nick Harris and Charles Rhoads, Producer Andy Hardy
Filmed July 2007, on location at Brewbanks Coffee House in La Mesa, CA
Nick Harris & Charles Rhodes
Andy Harvey
Peter Buitenhek (Bearclaw) Peter Buitenhek (Bearclaw), Rachel (Cashier), Ronald (Gary)
Keith (star - Pete)
Caroline (star - Rebecca)
Julian (cinematographer), Matt (Harry), Rachell (Cashier), Jon (Zeke), Nicole (Camera)
Julian (Cinematographer), Lorin (Hedonist), Nick (Writer/Producer/Director), Carrie (Lucille), Ana (Patron 3 and sound) Hollywood Premier - Pete & Keith
Caroline (Rebecca), Keith (Pete), Ronald (Gary), Steve (Patron 2) Shayna (Art Director), William (Isaac), Peter Buitenhek (Bearclaw)
Thanks Nick for the picture of Keith, Aaron,William and Steve
Pete getting direction from Nick to "get real mad"
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